Finding the right cattery for your first pet

What criteria should you follow when choosing a Sphynx cat breeder? There are many things that you should look out for in the specific breeder. It is more than just going for the most experienced or the breeder that is the most popular in your area. Yes, the breeder might be popular enough, but they may not have the best services to clients as such. To help you find the right Sphynx cat breeders, here are some questions you should be prepared with.


How well do you understand the Sphynx breed?


This is the first thing you should consider when looking out for a good breeder. You want to deal with a breeder that is not only dealing with the Sphynx cat breeds, but they should have a deep knowledge of the breed. Ask all the necessary questions. Get to know if the breeder knows about the history of the breed, their temperaments, or any vulnerable characteristic of that breed.


Will they help you when you want to know how to take care of the cat?


It is not just about selling you the cat. Rather, the breeder should also be ready to give you the necessary information that would help you take care of the cat. Yes, they know how the breed came into existence, but what about when you want to clean the cat, feed, or groom her? The breeder must have all the right tips for this.


Can the breeders show you the parents of the kitten?


Are you in need of a Sphynx kitten? If so, you need to ask the breeder about the parents of that kitten. This is not for the reason of investigating anything. Rather, you want to know if the kitten possesses the temperaments of your choice. A good way to study the kitten’s characteristics is by looking at their mother’s behaviors. So, ensure that you are shown the kitten’s parents when you need to.


Is your cat insured?


I know this might sound weird to some people, but a good breeder will give you some assurance with their cat sales. They want you to know that they are dealing with healthy cats that won’t fail you as soon as you reach home. Cat breeders are not like pet stores where you pick the cat at your own risk. Rather, they will give you some cats health insurance with every purchase you make.


Now you have some tips to guide you when you are looking for the right Sphynx cat breeder. Purrbastet Sphynx and Bambinos are among the top breeders in Northern California. You can visit our site for more info.


How To Choose A Toy Poodle Puppy From a Litter

So you’ve made up your mind to add a new furry buddy to your family. Of course, you have done your research and decided to go for a specific breed. If you plan to go for a Toy Poodle, you will need to be extra careful when choosing a puppy.

Here is a guide to help you find the perfect Toy Poodle puppy from a litter.


1. Visit the Litter

First off, you should start by visiting the litter and ensure that you find the right puppy. Ideally, buy the puppy from a breeder, and not a pet store. A pet store would be the right place to get a puppy because they do not have good maintenance policies. The pet stores may not have special breeds like Toy Poodles. Even if they do, they may not guarantee you of a healthy puppy. Instead, buy the puppy from a reputable breeder.


2. Organize to meet with the breeder when the pups are bo

Once you have found the right breeder, you will need to organize how you would view the new pups. It is always advised to visit the litter as soon as they are born. This way, you will get the chance to pick from the best. You may miss out on good puppies if you go for one when the first half of the litter is sold. When you inform the breeder, they will only allow you to visit the pups when they are between seven or eight weeks old.


3. Buy puppies from a healthy mother

Before you decide to buy any puppy, you will need to take time to study the bitch The health of the mother will determine if the puppy will be healthy or not. Typically, the mother will have a huge impact on the health and personality of the pup. Also, the breeder might advise you to buy a puppy from the second or third litter of the bitch by the same stud.


4. Study the health and personality of the litter

You want to take home a puppy that behaves well, and one that will suit your preferences. For that, ask the breeder of the puppies, and take your time to study them as well. A good breeder should tell you the truth about the puppy you are about to buy.


@, we offer a variety of Red, Apricot, and Sables. We also offer  Micro Teacup Poodle  from time to time for interested buyers. Our current litters have been tested for health, and fully vaccinated. For that, you will be sure of choosing a puppy that is healthy enough. We also advise you on how to take care of the pups accordingly.

How Do I Teach My Dog To Walk on a Leash?


It is enjoyable to walk with your dog on the leash. But it can be challenging at some point. Maybe the dog is rushing when you walk, which forces you to either pull him back or run along. This is not such a comfortable experience. However, we got some points for you in this article.

We will be sharing with you how to train your dog to walk on a leash.

Let’s explore that together, shall we?

  • Teach a clue

You can bring up a simple clue to the dog. For instance, you can say something like ‘treat is coming.’ Alternatively, you can go for a click and treatment option There are also other options like clucking your tongue or just saying yes. Whichever option you go with, make sure you give the dog some treat when he responds accordingly.

  • Introduce the pup to the leash

This should actually be the first point to follow. It is important to introduce the dog to the harness, leash, or collar gradually. He or she needs to get used to the collar, leash, or harness before you put it on him. The puppy should love the collar and leash time since it is a lovable and enjoyable thing to him. Dogs love walking around.

  • Try practicing inside

Since your puppy is getting used to the leash, you can try practicing inside. Try a few steps in a room that has a little distraction. When the puppy sees the leash around him, it will be a challenge enough. You can then offer him praise and treats if he responds to the leash accordingly.

  • Make him come to you

You can try making the puppy come to you when he sees the leash. Try the method that you use and see if the puppy responds and comes to you when he has the leash on. If he responds positively, you can always reward him for that.

Now that the practice is getting better, it should be time to take things outside. Try what you did indoors outside and see if the dog is catching up. But while at it, you should ensure that the dog is not easily distracted.

If training the dog seems too complicated, you can always opt to take him to a good dog boarding center.​ is a good dog boarding in Santa Cruz. They have excellent services and a proven track record. Furthermore, they offer dogs for sale and adoption here



There are some people I know who have never been to the United States of America. The respect for the huge metropolises and the other culture is sometimes so great that a flight over the Atlantic Ocean is not even considered. The ideal solution to this problem is called Boston, because nowhere else is it easier for Europeans to enter the USA.

Gentle USA entry for Europeans

We owe the fact that Boston is so different from other US cities to the Englishman William Blaxton and British Puritans who settled on the east coast. In 1630 the settlement was given the name Boston, which goes back to the city of the same name in England, from which some Puritans came. The architecture is strongly British with the numerous low, red brick buildings, which can be seen particularly well from the viewpoints of Boston. It is also interesting that the road network is largely not laid out in a rectangular manner, but rather angled in many places, as we know it from European old towns.

Lots of different influences

Over the decades, immigrants from Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland and Russia have come to Boston, which is evident today in the range of shops, restaurants and cultural institutions on offer. The most beautiful neighborhoods, in which Europeans almost feel at home, are Back Bay and Beacon Hill – I’ll tell you about them and all the other highlights of the city in my travelogue.


The attraction of Chicago

When my girlfriend and I planned our trip to the east of the USA, the focus was on Niagara Falls, along with New York and Washington. But we really wanted to visit one of the notorious roller coaster parks – Cedar Point in the village of Sandusky, around four hours’ drive from Niagara Falls, was a good idea. This opened up another opportunity that we did not miss: Chicago!

Known from film and television

From the amusement park Cedar Point (which I will introduce to you in another post) it is again only four and a half hours by car to get to the city on Lake Michigan. Chicago is known from numerous series (including Emergency Room , Married … with Children , The Good Wife ) and through various views of the city on television really made me want to explore personally.

Chicago, “the Windy City”

The skyscrapers not only form impressive street canyons, but also one of the most beautiful skylines in the USA, as you can see from my lead picture. The location directly on the huge Lake Michigan not only gives Chicago quality of life, but also often generates strong winds – hence the nickname “Windy City”.

Three days as a tight margin

Due to the tight schedule in the other cities, my girlfriend and I only stayed in Chicago for three days, which is a very short period of time. This meant we had to focus on the most important points in the city that we both were interested in. I will now present these to you below in my personal order!


The stay in Chicago was part of a two-week trip through the USA. My girlfriend and I also visited New York, Washington and Niagara Falls, the travel reports can be found below or will follow soon!

Travel report to Washington, DC: Washington, DC: The calm capital

Niagara Falls Travel Report: Niagara Falls – The Shared Natural Wonder

Itinerary: Vienna -> New York ( flight Austrian Airlines ) // New York -> Washington, DC ( flight JetBlue ) // Washington, DC -> Buffalo Niagara ( flight United ) // Buffalo Niagara -> Chicago ( rental car ) // Chicago -> New York ( JetBlue flight ) // New York -> Vienna ( Austrian Airlines flight )


What’s the best way to soak up the atmosphere of a metropolis? Right, from above! The skyline of Chicago is certainly one of the most beautiful in the USA – and this is really evident from the 360 Chicago viewing platform ( 875 N Michigan Avenue ) , for example . By the way, the attraction used to be called the John Hancock Observatory and was named after the name of the skyscraper. With the elevator you can quickly get to the 94th floor and look in all directions from a height of 300 meters.


” Love and marriage, love and marriage, go together like a horse and carriage, … ” When you stand in front of the Buckingham Fountain , many of you will certainly immediately see the TV series “A terribly nice family” (English “Married … with Children “) and their theme song by Frank Sinatra in the head. So it happened to me and it was a strangely touching feeling to actually see this place with my own eyes! The large fountain, whose official name is actually Clarence F. Buckingham Memorial Fountain , is in Grant Park (see also point 4)


A small part of the huge Grant Park (see point 4) is the Millennium Park , in which there are two interesting objects that seem to have built in real tourist magnets.  The 100-tonne sculpture Cloud Gate by British artist Anish Kapoor resembles a giant bean and is therefore often referred to simply as ” The Bean “. The work of art consists of 168 stainless steel plates, which are seamlessly welded together and highly polished. This creates fascinating reflections of the people and the skyline on the surface. You can imagine that something like that always attracts the masses – so if you want to see it in peace, you better come early in the morning.