The best games for two for couples

Premium Photo | Young couple playing the board game on wooden table

There are only two of you and yet with the right game you can completely immerse yourself in a world of fantasy. Games for two are among the oldest games of all, think of classics such as chess, mill, checkers or backgammon.

But of course there are also a number of board games that can be played with more players or in pairs.

Playing has been one of the most beautiful leisure activities since the dawn of mankind and that’s no wonder. Because life is reflected in the best games: competition, energy, ambition, luck and great emotions.

For couples, games for two can be a nice opportunity to playfully test their strengths and tease each other when they play against each other.

EXIT The lonely lighthouse: Crisp puzzles + 4 puzzles

Puzzles and riddles against the ticking time! In the game EXIT The Lonely Lighthouse you have to puzzles, riddles, puzzles, riddles … always fighting with the relentlessly advancing hands of the clock. The mission: climb to the top of the lighthouse and prevent the ship from crashing on the cliffs! 

It is the dead of night. A lonely lighthouse juts out of the middle of the sea, roaring waves break meters high on its cliffs. 

10 brilliant house party ideas to rock the celebration at home

Lights off, UV lights on, party time or a dinner party? You just won’t get bored with these 10 ways to have a house party.

A house party – a celebration in your own four walls – can look very different: from a total escalation to an atmospheric evening with a special flair. So that the celebration doesn’t slip away and it goes the way you want it to, it is worth deciding on a certain type of house party from the outset.

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