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Special activities with children and family activities

Go-karting, laser tag, try a new family game, or get creative and do handicrafts? In addition to work and everyday life, there is often no time to come up with family activities that create special moments. And although there is a wide range of activities for children in every city in America, you have to find them first. Adventure friendship offers the opportunity to save time for thinking and brooding, surfing and researching, and using the Leisure Finder to find brilliant ideas for activities with children and family activities. 

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The mega burger barbecue with the family

To celebrate the day, we thought about several things. There is a juicy burger with caramelized onions, salad from the garden, cheddar cheese, and the special lebegeil guacamole. Since we also have vegetarians in the family, vegetable burgers are a must.

So in the pan, we prepare onions for the burger and also the vegetable patties for the burgers that would otherwise stick to the grill.

Since the temperature of the gas grill can be regulated more easily than with the charcoal, it is also possible to cook more evenly here.

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Halloween Quiz – 13 witty questions for kids and adults

Where does Halloween come from? What are they actually celebrating? And who is under this mask? This Halloween quiz provides an answer to at least 2 of these questions.

Of all the seasonal festivities, Halloween is not only the scariest but also the most mysterious. What exactly is being celebrated there? Is it the festival of ghosts, witches, or is it the vampires? 

Probably also because it has not been celebrated that long in German-speaking countries, many people in this country do not immediately know the answer to such questions.