There are some people I know who have never been to the United States of America. The respect for the huge metropolises and the other culture is sometimes so great that a flight over the Atlantic Ocean is not even considered. The ideal solution to this problem is called Boston, because nowhere else is it easier for Europeans to enter the USA.

Gentle USA entry for Europeans

We owe the fact that Boston is so different from other US cities to the Englishman William Blaxton and British Puritans who settled on the east coast. In 1630 the settlement was given the name Boston, which goes back to the city of the same name in England, from which some Puritans came. The architecture is strongly British with the numerous low, red brick buildings, which can be seen particularly well from the viewpoints of Boston. It is also interesting that the road network is largely not laid out in a rectangular manner, but rather angled in many places, as we know it from European old towns.

Lots of different influences

Over the decades, immigrants from Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland and Russia have come to Boston, which is evident today in the range of shops, restaurants and cultural institutions on offer. The most beautiful neighborhoods, in which Europeans almost feel at home, are Back Bay and Beacon Hill – I’ll tell you about them and all the other highlights of the city in my travelogue.