How Do I Teach My Dog To Walk on a Leash?


It is enjoyable to walk with your dog on the leash. But it can be challenging at some point. Maybe the dog is rushing when you walk, which forces you to either pull him back or run along. This is not such a comfortable experience. However, we got some points for you in this article.

We will be sharing with you how to train your dog to walk on a leash.

Let’s explore that together, shall we?

  • Teach a clue

You can bring up a simple clue to the dog. For instance, you can say something like ‘treat is coming.’ Alternatively, you can go for a click and treatment option There are also other options like clucking your tongue or just saying yes. Whichever option you go with, make sure you give the dog some treat when he responds accordingly.

  • Introduce the pup to the leash

This should actually be the first point to follow. It is important to introduce the dog to the harness, leash, or collar gradually. He or she needs to get used to the collar, leash, or harness before you put it on him. The puppy should love the collar and leash time since it is a lovable and enjoyable thing to him. Dogs love walking around.

  • Try practicing inside

Since your puppy is getting used to the leash, you can try practicing inside. Try a few steps in a room that has a little distraction. When the puppy sees the leash around him, it will be a challenge enough. You can then offer him praise and treats if he responds to the leash accordingly.

  • Make him come to you

You can try making the puppy come to you when he sees the leash. Try the method that you use and see if the puppy responds and comes to you when he has the leash on. If he responds positively, you can always reward him for that.

Now that the practice is getting better, it should be time to take things outside. Try what you did indoors outside and see if the dog is catching up. But while at it, you should ensure that the dog is not easily distracted.

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