Relevance of a Website For A Dog Breeder

Following the strong competition in the world of the dog breeder advertising world, it is necessary that you make known your profession as a breeder and your kennel. And for that nothing better than a website. This is an effective and fast way to promote your dog breeding and advertise your kennel.

In order for your website to be as communicative as possible, it must be of high quality and easy to understand. To do this, he must highlight several points of your activity:

  • A presentation of the history of your breeding and the breeds present in it
  • A page with planned litters and births (illustration with a calendar)
  • An online puppies reservation system 
  • A schedule of our events (open doors, competitions, exhibitions, etc.)
  • A page dedicated to the opinions of your former customers (satisfaction, photos, etc.)
  • An advice page based on the breed of each dog (character, needs, diet, typical illnesses, etc.)
  • A page displaying your diplomas related to breeding 
  • A contact page (telephone, email, address of the kennel, opening hours, etc.)
  • and especially put a photo gallery of your dogs in order to crack the Internet users interested in your dogs

For your website to be as attractive as possible, offer files for each of your dogs by highlighting several points. His biography (height, weight, age, etc.), his photo, and more information depending on the dog’s breed.

The advantages of a website for your dog breeding

The opportunity of your website is that it is the showcase of your activityavailable 24/7 all over the world. This will allow you to communicate and communicate on a large scale.

For this, the development, writing, and graphic design departments of VMS work together to offer you a personalized website, adapted to your dog breeder marketing campaign.

Vega Marketing Solutions (VMS)  formula allows you to fully concentrate on your business without worrying about the realization of the website. In short, they take care of all aspects of your site, from development to the graphic charter, including writing and referencing. Your website will be responsive, which means that it will adapt to all types of screens (computer, mobile, tablet, etc.). 

Your kennel’s website will allow your customers to quickly obtain useful informationcustomer reviews, your phone number, your email, your kennel’s contact details, dogs on offer…  This will allow your prospects to be reassured, and to contact or reserve a dog directly on your website. Vega Marketing Solution offers an online booking module for your dogssimple and quick to use for you and your customers. You can of course manage it yourself and add or delete reservations. Thanks to your website, you make possible the relationship between a man and a pet.

SEO is an essential point for your website

After you have agreed together on the design, ergonomics, colors, and content of your website, we will offer you different solutions to be able to reference it on search engines. Vega Marketing Solutions is an advertising agency specializing in natural referencing. They have even been referenced in for being one of the best Google Advertising Companies in the Country. Natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of methods and tools used by digital professionals to allow you to appear among the first results of Google pages.

To optimize your referencing and therefore the position of your website on the various search engines, our SEO experts will contact you to set up a specific “keyword”.  This will help us to better target your audience. During this meeting, you will choose the geographical sector on which you wish to focus as well as the terms and keywords that best describe your activity.